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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 08:28
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early this year, i started to fall for this group called Astro, specially with Eunwoo. maybe it was a sign that i should start my year happy coz L.Joe has been so quiet since 3rd quarter of 2016.

funny vs serious

straight face vs smiling face

tired & no makeup


tall nose and long eyelashes

for me, his gorgeousness is so out of this world.. i badly want to see him in person.. sniff~

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last Feb. 9 we Angels and Ljjangs (L.Joe bias) received a news that he's filing for nullification of his contract from TOP Media. reports said that TOP Media didn't want him to do solo promotions, his casting fee went up (7x) after 딴따라 that made other projects go aloof. TOP Media said that L.Joe prefers to pursue acting than singing that made them decide not for him to do solo promotions, do you think that true, that L.Joe got actor sickness?

for me, why stop him but let this other guy do his solo stuff? they're already on their 7th year, they shouldn't be just focusing on singing - they should do hosting, variety, acting, musical, etc. whatever it is, i'll just wait for further developments on this, writing about this, makes me feel sad and disappointed.

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at around 2:22PM, his 1st tweet was this.

and luckily, not only his twitter account got verified but all of Teen Top members plus their official twitter ID, @Teen_Top.

his explanation was -

he even said this -

my fellow Angels, esp. Ljjangs, are speculating that something might have happened. maybe a friend hurt him that made him sulk like this.  or because their individual twitter accounts are already verified, tweets may be filtered now. they might not receive all our spamming with that verified account. but yeah, only Byunghun knows what's the real reason behind this, him making a new twitter account. btw, even @Teen_top is acknowledging it which i find it weird. anyway, whatever it is - let's just wait & see~~ ;D

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 she said "I played to fit my range so these are not the chords of the original version. But I used D, A, Bm, G and then for the last chorus, E, B, C#m, A. Capo on 4."
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actually, i don't know.

maybe, most are kpop rants coz for sure this will be used for jpop.. mainly Johnnys (that's why i made this account for).

or personal rants.

or kpop excerpts/reposts.

so please bear with me.


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