Thursday, 5 June 2014

insurance renewal

Thursday, 5 June 2014 10:06
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i applied for a car insurance renewal last May 20. paid for the CTPL on May 22. so i should be expecting the documents the following week but no, i just received it yesterday but it was incomplete.

the document i've been expecting wasn't there. i called the car insurance yesterday & they said they'll call back regarding my issue.. of course, they didn't called back.

this 9am, i called them & they said that the CTPL wasn't requested to them & that they will coordinate with the person i talked to at the bank coz i requested the renewal through our bank.

now, i'm waiting for their confirmation about that CTPL coz we have to renew our car registration by next week. >_<

this isn't the 1st time, i've renewed our car insurance via our bank, it's just that the person i'm coordinating with no longer works there. T____T it would have been easier.. sigh~
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actually, i don't know.

maybe, most are kpop rants coz for sure this will be used for jpop.. mainly Johnnys (that's why i made this account for).

or personal rants.

or kpop excerpts/reposts.

so please bear with me.


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