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꽃할배 수사대 (Grandpa over Flowers), drama cameo, 엄시우, Ep.7, June 20


실종느와르 M (Missing Nior M), drama cameo, 양정호, Ep.7, May 9

요술병 (Magic Bottle), web drama, 공병만, 3 episodes, August 3-5


絶壁の上のトランペット (Trumpet of the Cliff), Japan movie, Zio, April 21 (8th Okinawa International Movie festival) & September 17 (official screening)
S.Korea screening, March 9

딴따라 (Entertainer), 서재훈, April 20

에브리데이뉴페이스 (Everyday New Face), web drama, 강운, October 14, China
Chinese title: 每天都换男朋友,
L.Joe's Chinese name: Jiangyun


since he already left Teen Top, he's now using 병헌 (Byunghun) as his actor name

Factory Manager, Author Bong (stage play), Kei, March 29 & April

Special Liar (stage play), Bobby, June

Our Neighborhood (tentative title)

original posting: Apr.28, 2016, 21:12

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That Little Something
L.Joe, My Secret Fiance
L.Joe's Bride (sequel to L.Joe, My Secret Fiance)
Mortal Guardian *
Teen Top Cafe *
My Heart Doesn't Lie
Whore *
Experiment of Love *
A Thousand Reasons to Cry
Silence is a Virtue * (Chapter 6, 12 )
Our Destiny (Chapter 29, 36)
The Taste of your Blood
Stay *
50 Shades of Solitude *

[will add if i find more!]

authors **
iFreakXD (Teen Top & Big Bang)
bubbles501 (Teen Top & SS501)
CallMeGangster_Ljoe (Teen Top & =.=)
Stripysnitch (Teen Top & =.=)

*it wasn't finished/complete yet
 ** i'll update soon if their English isn't their 1st language or something like that

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got my Teen Top High Kick DVD but the DVD lags on my portable player & when i tried it on my lappy.. my lappy can't detect it. :(

so i dl'ed the video from yt.. yeah, someone uploaded it with eng subs, both discs.

review: their current DVD concert is boring especially the disc 2 where usually most of the bonuses & goodies are there.. but it's none T_____T oh, they even cut L.Joe & Changjo's solo on the 1st disc. for me, there's no scene that's worth repeating for >_<

they should be more creative next time. they should shoot more behind the scenes

overall rate: 2/5
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at around 2:22PM, his 1st tweet was this.

and luckily, not only his twitter account got verified but all of Teen Top members plus their official twitter ID, @Teen_Top.

his explanation was -

he even said this -

my fellow Angels, esp. Ljjangs, are speculating that something might have happened. maybe a friend hurt him that made him sulk like this.  or because their individual twitter accounts are already verified, tweets may be filtered now. they might not receive all our spamming with that verified account. but yeah, only Byunghun knows what's the real reason behind this, him making a new twitter account. btw, even @Teen_top is acknowledging it which i find it weird. anyway, whatever it is - let's just wait & see~~ ;D

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 she said "I played to fit my range so these are not the chords of the original version. But I used D, A, Bm, G and then for the last chorus, E, B, C#m, A. Capo on 4."
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a critique not a basher okay.. that's way too different.

i started to REALLY like them during "To You" era but i've already known them since debut but i'm not yet that interested in them.

FOR ME, their "To You" song should have won then, even if the song is short but it has meaning on it & the dance was awesome. unfortunately, the Angels then were still not that strong.

i think  the song "Miss Right" didn't won coz of the choreography (?) but when you read it's translation it has meaning.

then "Rocking" won, i don't know why but the meaning of the song was kinda vague because of some unnecessary lyrics. it won coz of it's powerful performance & coz Angels now are getting stronger. :D

i don't know, it's like their sort-of follow up songs are good - Be Ma Girl (after To You), Walk By (after Miss Right) & Lovefool (after Rocking)

lyrics credit


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