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got my Teen Top High Kick DVD but the DVD lags on my portable player & when i tried it on my lappy.. my lappy can't detect it. :(

so i dl'ed the video from yt.. yeah, someone uploaded it with eng subs, both discs.

review: their current DVD concert is boring especially the disc 2 where usually most of the bonuses & goodies are there.. but it's none T_____T oh, they even cut L.Joe & Changjo's solo on the 1st disc. for me, there's no scene that's worth repeating for >_<

they should be more creative next time. they should shoot more behind the scenes

overall rate: 2/5
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a critique not a basher okay.. that's way too different.

i started to REALLY like them during "To You" era but i've already known them since debut but i'm not yet that interested in them.

FOR ME, their "To You" song should have won then, even if the song is short but it has meaning on it & the dance was awesome. unfortunately, the Angels then were still not that strong.

i think  the song "Miss Right" didn't won coz of the choreography (?) but when you read it's translation it has meaning.

then "Rocking" won, i don't know why but the meaning of the song was kinda vague because of some unnecessary lyrics. it won coz of it's powerful performance & coz Angels now are getting stronger. :D

i don't know, it's like their sort-of follow up songs are good - Be Ma Girl (after To You), Walk By (after Miss Right) & Lovefool (after Rocking)

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